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30-95LBS IN 90 DAYS

Lose up to 30-95 LBS in 90 days using the same system that has helped Dr. Goodman lose 150 LBS himself!

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Our revolutionary technology cleanses out, refreshes, and rejuvenates your digestive system!

Weight Loss

Our staff works with you to identify the emotional triggers to help you step into a new lifestyle!


Use non-invasive body contouring to contour any desired area.

Our Simple Yet Effective 3-Step Process

Our result driven program

Why Our Program Works?

Our founder Dr. Goodman has been in your shoes. He knows how to lose weight and keep it off because he’s done it himself and developed our proprietary weight loss system. We deliver the results you want, and all it takes is 120 seconds to learn how we can help you transform your life today! Check out the video nearby.

Highest Rated on Long Island, NY

Our Reputation Speaks for Itself.

With over 300 satisfied clients on google already, we’re here to help you start your body revolution today!

Our Program

Tired of weight holding you back?

With our revolutionary weight loss programs, you’ll discover a brand-new life designed to teach you how to lose weight, keep it off, and live a life you love!

Phase 1 :
Gut Cleanse

We provide you with a proven detoxification system to clean out your digestive system utilizing our state-of-the-art technology, to rid your body of the toxins holding you back.
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Phase 2:
Body Detox

Poor diet habits lack the sufficient nutrients and minerals needed to help your body perform at an optimal level. At this phase, we aim to release all harmful toxins from your body using signature body wraps.
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Phase 3:

We help you rewire your relationship with food so that you’re no longer using it to cope. We give you all the tools you need to take control of your life!

Phase 4:
Targeted Body Fat Loss In Specific Areas

Contour the body you’ve always wanted with our cutting-edge laser technology for spot fat reduction, inch loss, and body contouring in any area you desire!
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Phase 5:
Full Body Fat Loss With Trifecta

Our Red light therapy treatment uses low wavelength red light to accelerate your weight loss results by targeting areas on your body that require fat removal.
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Phrase 6:
Green Light Therapy For Cellulite

Harvest the power of green light technology to diminish the appearance of Cellulite in just a few sessions without any harmful surgery.

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